Customised shield connection


Standard shield connections often do not provides ideal solutions.
We are able to present practical assembly solutions for all requirements. Such an offer would be according to your demand, even in small quantities, without you having to waive the proven advantages of the HEBOCLIP-system.


  • technically and economically ideal solutions, made accordingly to your demands
  • for small and large scale production series

HSK with crimp connection

The shield clamp is being pressed onto the cable shield and remains stable due to the high clamping force. A short earth connection can be constructed by using a braided wire to the pre-assembled crimp connection.

Shield clamp on mounting bracket

The shield clamp on mounting bracket is used for the assembly on a 4 mm stud bolt on a control panel door. A second possibility is a cable holder affixed with a bolt-setting tool directly onto a steel construction.

Special surface coating

Shield clamp with HEBOCLIP and special surface coating.

Multi-purpose clamp

This shield connection is fixed with the multi-purpose clamp onto a cylindrical component.
The cable shield of a sensor cable will make contact with the shield clamp.

Ideal adaption to the mechanical measurements

The shield clamps mounted on a sheet metal mounting bracket enables an ideal adaption to the mechanical measurements.

Shield clamps on shielding plate for 24-pin connection plates

This picture shows the HEBOCLIP-system mounted on a shielding plate for 24-pin connection plates.
The HEBOCLIPs can be equipped with shield clamps according to specific requirements.

Particularly flexible assembly

The Shield clamp Multi used in this shield plate enables particularly flexible assembly.

Specially developed bracket

Specially developed bracket for mounting profiles equipped with the HEBOCLIP system.