Special solutions

What are special solutions?

Optimal solutions cannot always be achieved with standardized parts.
We are able to offer you demand and practice-oriented assembly solutions even for small quantities.

So that everything fits

Thanks to decades of practical experience, we recognize problems or needs very quickly and develop innovative ideas. Our research and development department checks whether an idea is target-oriented: experts design, develop and build prototypes, subject them to tough practical tests, optimize and perfect them. Prototypes that are 100% convincing are realized by our production department.

We are always happy to visit you to jointly clarify your specific needs on site.
We quickly identify the problem, advise you and find the perfect solution for you.


  • Many years of expertise in developing customized special solutions
  • In-house research, development, production and parts warehouse
  • Consulting, research, development, production, logistics and sales from a single source

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