Temperature sensor-clip

    The newly developed temperature sensor-clip (TFC) is characterized by an easy and tool-free assembly. It has been developed for all contact- and pipe-mounted sensors with a diameter of 6 mm. In the media supply the TFC is used as a component for indirect temperature measurement on supply pipes.

    HEBOFIX fastening systems

    The mount for hook-and-loop fasteners serves as installation support and provides minimal damage during the attachment of pipes, cables and tubes. The base can be equipped, free of tools, with our hook-and-loop tape in variable lengths.
    The base is available for screw-on mounting with flat-head screw, C-rails and profile grooves.

    Shield clamps HSK / HSKM

    The shield clamps serve a EMC-conform derivation. By simply pushing the stripped cable in the shield clamp, there is a permanently high and continuous spring pressure of the cable shield. The contact areas are large, assuring a very good derivation of interference currents.

    HEBOPRESS Cable lugs

    With the HEBOPRESS Set you are able to manufacture customized earthing braids easily. By using an earthing tape scissor, cut the braid with the requested cross section from reel. At either end, attach the cable lugs with the appropriate mounting hole. Insert the tool into the press and press together the lugs with the braid. Done!


    The mounting clip convinces through easy handling, a good holding force and high stability. In combination they are very space-saving, flexible and stackable as often as desired. Simply mount the mounting clip with a cylinder bolt and press in the circular connector from above. Done.